THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

October 29, 2009

Party Loyalty and Dark Horses

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Maybe we are finally coming into an era of post-partisan politics.  Not that I am against political parties per se, although our first president surely seemed to be (read GW’s farewell address).  From my perspective, if there is one single thing that I would change in Washington D.C. it would be the partisan power rules on Capitol Hill. It is totally unfair for elected officials of the people to be denied a voice or a vote because another partisan group controls committee chairmanships and general leadership whether Democrats or Republicans. (the poor Independents don’t stand a chance.)  House and Senate rules should level a playing field, not prefer one side or the other.  After public committee and floor debate, let an “up or down vote” public vote on an issue be viewed by all rather than the closed door, behind the scenes maneuvering devised to muzzle the opposition.  The present system is not a fair reflection of liberty, but of tyranny–the oppression by the majority.  Let a decision be reached in full view of the constituents who placed those representatives in office. It is time for the rules to be changed.  The rules should be made to even odds rather than stack them in favor of one side.  This is America–Capitol Hill should reflect American values where the minority is not trampled upon by the majority and an equal opportunity of expression and opinion is protected by laws and rules that are just.

One more related item…I am glad to see that principle is starting to cast a shadow on partisanship, rather than the other way around.  All one need say is “New York’s 23rd Congressional District.”  A genuine conservative Republican is running on a third party ticket and getting big endorsements from inside the Republican party!  Behold his rise in the polls as loyalty to principle over party is on the move!  And it look like the Lord may be “increasing his tribe” as other dark horse candidates are popping up around the country.  I believe constituents are tired of party line votes and political correctness.  Principles and core values will be expressed more and more at the polls rather than the electability excuse that has generally been touted.  May God increase the tribe of principled voters also!  During these dark days that try men’s souls, we can thank God that many are awaking from decades of voter apathy and stupor. Get inspired, get informed, get involved!  Then get ready to see some major changes in the way America governs herself as an informed electorate places virtuous leaders in all branches of government. This is what our founding fathers had in mind.  So, dark horses, lead the charge and give notice to the party power brokers that voter loyalty goes not with political expedience but with commitment to the principles that made America great.


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