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December 2, 2009

Watch the Senatorial “Shell Game” Closely

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The pea is under which shell? I believe Senator Harry Reid’s health care bill is a red herring.  He knows there are not 60 votes to pass it. When that reality fleshes out, he will scrap his own and simply introduce the House bill which is sitting in the wings. The reconciliation process of the House bill will require only a simple majority for passage in the Senate and will also require very limited debate. If I am not mistaken, the debate is limited to 20 hours and then the vote. When the shells are lifted, look out! The Senate-approved House bill will be turned around in a day or two and back to the House for final passage before going to the President’s desk. WE MUST PRAY FOR REID AND HIS MINIONS, THAT THEIR COUNSEL WILL BE CONFOUNDED AND THE SHELL GAME BE EXPOSED FOR WHAT IT IS. This is exactly the reason why I have said that the House and Senate rules need to be rewritten. The rules need to reflect fair and open representation and debate instead of the partisan power politics that the American people despise. America, it’s time to “pray and pass the ammunition,” as the old song goes. We must pray and tell our representatives that their jobs are on the line if they allow this half-baked bill out of the oven. Game over.


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  1. Well-said! We agree with you that the house and senate rules need to br re-written.

    Comment by Zach Woodward — December 4, 2009 @ 3:09 pm | Reply

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