THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

March 2, 2010

Thursday…Another road to nowhere

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March 4 marks another dark day for the St. Louis metro area. Newly named River City Boulevard leads hundreds down the road to ruin to the new River City Casino, opening its doors in the afternoon. It is another road to nowhere. Predatory casino manipulation will suck millions more out the local economy as the bright lights continue to blind casino proponents and woo the weak who think the odds are that their “luck” will change. The libs continue to think that victimless crimes are no crimes at all while the casinos offer 800 numbers for “problem gamblers” without breaking stride all the way to the bank. And perhaps the worst part is that the government is complicit in it all…in the name of economic development, of all things!

Well, now that I got that off my chest…let me just continue to say that God is on His throne, and prayer changes things! (not original) The wrong will fail and the right prevail (not original either). I continue to pray that people will wake up, see the reality of the situation, and do something about it. We are candidates for revival, an American renewal that will emanate out of the heartland from coast to coast. Someone has said it is darkest just before the dawn…then bring it on! “And the darkness shall turn to dawning, and the dawning to noonday bright…” Maybe it is not a road to nowhere after all.


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