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March 25, 2010

Understanding purpose answers many questions

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Life’s complexities are simplified when purposes are established. When one understands the purpose of something, it certainly settles many issues regarding the thing. The purpose of a light bulb is to produce area lighting, but I suppose you could use the bulb for a hammer or a bat if you wanted to–not a good idea, though. Things are best used for the purpose for which they were created or intended. It’s safer for everyone! The same reasoning applies to pencils, pianos and pumpernickel, or whatever. You can certainly use these items for other reasons. You can use a pencil as a pointer or a scratcher (careful!) but it makes much more sense to use it for its intended purpose…it is much more effective that way, in fact an object really shines when it is used according to its design–there is nothing else quite like it.  I have a bag of items (mostly made by Tupperware), which I use as illustrations for understanding the purpose of things. Unless one knows from previous experience what the individual item is designed for, it is very difficult to determine its purpose–like a teabag squeezer, or egg separater, or orange peeler (get the picture?)  There is one who, without a doubt, knows the purpose of a creation…its creator.  I use this illustration to emphasize the fact that your Creator knows your purpose and He is the One of whom you should inquire as to your existence, purpose, potential and direction regarding life’s questions.

I would also like to add another question or two and an application to this discussion…What is the purpose of government and, more specifically, our U. S. Constitution?  Who best can answer that question than the designers and framers of it. They taught us that our constitution was designed to organize and limit the scope of our national government. Here is another question:  If the Constitution was indeed designed to limit the size and scope of government, how in the world can it be interpreted and used to increase and expand the reach of government into our lives?  Our founders understood and cherished our God-given liberty and, by design, they limited and decentralized government to maintain the maximum amount of personal liberty.  The Constitution should be interpreted in this light whether the issue be health care or anything else. Purpose determines the most effective use of an object, and the object of government is no exception.  Historical investigation helps us find these answers in our historical documents and especially in the most important document of all time–the Bible.  For personal, practical, and purposeful inquiry, read the Bible and get your questions answered there. Our founders did, and just look how God blessed the work of their hands. Indeed blessed is the nation whose Creator God is the Lord. His purposes shall stand.


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  1. March 26th, 2010


    In His Name,

    Fellow and Sister Believers

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