THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

April 11, 2010

Conservative Pundits and PACs

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Pundits and PACs (Political Action Committees) are either pragmatic or principled.  PACs still run on polls, even conservative PACs, unfortunately.  With pragmatists, electability still trumps principle, even among  “principled” conservative PACs.  They say, “We’ll compromise on principle if we can have an easier win.” That is pragmatism over principle.  (Would they bet on a David over Goliath, or would one of David’s warrior brothers have a better chance?)  Principle over pragmatism certainly characterizes God’s position, as it should characterize every God-fearing man.  Man’s wisdom is so puny compared to the Almighty’s…the God-factor still  trumps them all!  God governs in the affairs of men and HE seats and unseats those in authority…PERIOD.  If He chooses not to place one of His faithful in an elected position, it is because the electorate deserves and will get what it chooses (ie. Saul).  God’s grace and mercy are extended or withheld by His choice alone and His purposes are accomplished over the long term as well as the short term.  Elections come and go, but God’s purposes shall forever stand.

Whether we win or lose the battle, God ultimately wins the war!  We must remain faithful in prayer and in action as we do our small part in God’s big picture.  As for the pundits and PACs, one day they will see the light.


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  1. SUN, 4/11/10

    Dear Mr. Hite:

    Good morning.

    Thank you (as with past articles) for seeking, then sharing, the Truth.

    Yes, there are still “7,000” … or even more!

    Yours truly,

    Charles Williams and Family

    Comment by The Williams Family — April 11, 2010 @ 9:18 am | Reply

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