THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

April 13, 2010

Incompetence in Washington

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Remember the old oxymoron, “Army intelligence?”  I suppose one could also similarly categorize “government oversight,” or any other presumed competence coming out of Washington D.C..  Everyone is now trying to figure out what the new health care reform bill means to Americans…and Congress, their staff, and bureaucrats are no exception.  Did you get that?  Congress and the rest of the federal government are trying to figure it out, too!  Ambiguous language and complicated cross-referencing are leaving statutory interpreters of the new law scratching their heads.  Apparently NO ONE proof read the 2700 page monstrosity in its own context.  We know Congress did not read the bill before passing it, and I am sure the President did not read it before signing.  The question is, did anyone read it?  If this whole fiasco does not qualify for an overhaul of the legislative system (and the legislature itself!), I don’t know what does!  As suspected, incompetence is running rampant inside the beltway.  Read this short New York Times article and be prepared come election day to do your duty as a citizen and show Washington how oversight is done:

(By the way, it’s almost unfathomable to think that there are 8 million federal employees under their current health plan…that is the population of New York City!)  These next elections will be no-brainers…check with your sources and see who voted for the health care bill then do not reelect them.  Yes, Mr President, CHANGE is coming to Washington, real change YOU can count on.  And Congress, you are on notice.


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