THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

July 27, 2010

Looming Shadows

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In a place where twin towers once cast a tall shadow over NYC, a hole in the heart of that city now exists not only in that empty space, but also in the hearts of families, friends, and all patriotic Americans. And now, a small 13-story building nearby is casting its own shadow–the proposed Cordoba House “Islamic Study Center” mosque.  That shadow is being felt.  How do surviving loved ones feel about it?  How do New Yorkers feel?  How do you feel?  Conversely, how do Islamic militants feel?   Wounds may be covered over, but they are still tender and not fully healed.  That takes time.  History, however, is never forgotten, whether as recent as 9/11/2001 or as distant as the Cordoba Caliphate in 1000 AD.  In either case, “memory serves.”  The question is, what does it serve?   Islamic  radicalism is steadily growing in America and it is being inadvertently nurtured by  “peaceful” Muslim converts as well as blatant and growing numbers of “homegrown terrorists” ( This dark and growing shadow of extremism is the longest and greatest of all.  It is time for the shadows to be dispelled by the light of truth.

The light of God’s truth brings freedom–freedom from fear, from emotional pain and heartache, and freedom from oppression. This is the light and truth upon which our American political system was originally built–truth elevating the rule of law as the guardian of liberty and justice for us all.  Religions desiring to subjugate nations and their law should not be tolerated.  Christianity and America harmonize, as it was intended.  The political systems of Islam and America are not harmonious.  Americans need to wake up, understand the differences, and respond rightly.


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  1. Mid Week, July 28, 2010

    Dear Mr. Hite:

    Thank you, again.

    Yes, Christianity and America are (were?) compatible. Why? Because it is totally clear that is how, as well as why, this nation began.

    No, America and Islam are absolutely incompatible, based on the foundational truth of the previous statement: America has always stood for freedom, while Islam means bondage.

    Yes, today, right now, this very moment, Americans everywhere need to wake up and “smell the coffee!” And, then, do something about it.

    Our Founding Fathers would …

    With kind regards,

    the Williams Family
    Troy, Missouri

    Comment by the Williams Family — July 28, 2010 @ 9:42 am | Reply

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