THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

September 10, 2010

Three Competing Worldviews

Filed under: Christianity,Islam,Marxism,socialism,terrorism,worldview — danielhite @ 3:33 pm

Our world hosts a plethora of ideas that formulate and shape the many worldviews permeating our world’s many cultures.  Humanity as a whole has several options available when it comes to how it might understand and relate to this physical world, as well as the likelihood of (or relationship to) a spiritual world.  Out of the various theistic and humanistic  perspectives, there arises three views which so captivate and consume their believer that they are willing to totally commit their lives and resources to their natural end.  These faithful adherents commit their lives even unto death.  The three worldviews of which I speak are Christianity, Islam, and Marxism.   What is their quest, their goal–what is their endgame?  Is the ultimate intention world conquest or reclamation?  And what is the methodology by which they reach their target?  Is it by domination and subjugation or is it by voluntary choice?  I believe there are complex as well as simple answers to these questions I have posed.  I also believe that because of their nature and foundations, these three worldviews are mutual exclusive.  The bumper stickers are wrong–they will not nor cannot ultimately coexist.  Because of this, we must understand that we are on a collision course and we must each choose how to respond.


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