THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

September 25, 2010

Pledge to America: Voter Response

Will voters respond at the polls then hold Republicans’ feet to the fire?  We shall see.

Click here to see a one-page outline of the Republican pledge:

Outline of Pledge to America

The “social issues” stated in the pledge preamble (life, traditional family, etc.) are not included in this outline and I am sure that is a strategic move–a euphemism for slick and inclusive (that does trouble me);  But I suppose this pledge is a good start back to more sane and responsible government.  If, however, Republicans do not follow through on ALL OF THEIR PLEDGE (including social issues), I am confident that the voters will!  The awakened giant will not be caught napping.  Perhaps voters will give Republicans enough slack (rope) either to quickly complete their promised tasks or else hang themselves with it.


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