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October 12, 2010

All MO ballot initiatives look good except Prop B

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I am for lower taxes, no new taxes, and legislation that limits government and preserves individual liberties.  All of the Missouri ballot initiatives slated for this November seem to follow that philosophy with the exception of Proposition B, the so-called “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act,” and I do mean so-called (I am so-o-o tired of the spin doctors, of which Secretary of State–and chief ballot language negotiator–Carnahan is one). Looking at the actual legislation, Prop B does not seek to stop puppy mills as much as to further regulate dog breeders who already are compliant with the law. Compare Prop B to the current law. Enforcement is the real issue, not creating a tougher law (certainly not unlike today’s immigration stalemate). I am certainly against puppy mills and animal cruelty, but there is apparently much more to Prop B than meets the eye. Nearly all of the financial support for Prop B is coming from outside Missouri. Most of the budget is bankrolled by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS–not to be confused with local humane societies).  HSUS Director says that MO Prop B  is the most important dog issue in American history! Hmmm, interesting statement. (See related articles:  Columbia Missourian and Columbia Daily Tribune) HSUS has quite an aggressive agenda of their own, of which this initiative is an incremental part. You do not have to read much between the lines in their stated policies to see what HSUS wants to accomplish. One must also ask why those opposed to Prop B include the American Kennel Club, the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association, the Missouri Farm BureauMO Pork Producers Association and MO Farm Family Agriculture Alliance. Don’t be fooled by the ads and rhetoric, Prop B is not so much about animal cruelty as it is about undermining the freedom and pursuits of law abiding business owners as well as all the rest of us.

(Be sure and check out the links in this blog post. For more information, check out the opposition website: and don’t be fooled by the pro B website:

On this Columbus Day, make the discovery for yourself then share it with others before Election Day, November 2.


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