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October 24, 2010

Bob’s Memorial Service

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Saturday, October 23, 2010
Around 200 people attended my brother’s memorial service at Lighthouse Baptist Church. It was a very touching and personal tribute to Bob. His pastor and friend, Keith Gillming, officiated. As my mother always observed, “Everybody loves Bob.” He was a very personable and fun-loving guy. He had been on the St. Louis County Police force for 36 years and, figuratively being married to his job, it played havoc with his family life. Nevertheless, all the families, extended families, and friends showed up to remember a life that had touched so many others. Bob’s last decade here was markedly different than the others. All that adventurous and worldly-wise living had only left Bob with an emptiness and discontentment that could only be filled by his Creator. The new century started him on a trek to find those answers and would lead him full circle to a commitment he had once made as a teenager–a commitment of his life to Jesus Christ. What had been planted back in the 1950’s had bloomed in the mid 2000’s. At the service, Pastor Keith read a letter from Bob (he gave me a copy) chronicling his spiritual journey. After having visited Bob in the hospital on many occasions over the years, beginning with his first heart attack over 30 years ago, this last week was the first time I had observed a marked sense of peace and contentment as he faced his final earthly days. He spoke of that peace and shared it with family and friends. This was a different Bob. I have been to many funerals in my life, but this one was a stand-out. The Gospel was lived, sung, and shared, and I believe with all my heart that Bob left not only a natural legacy, but a continuing spiritual legacy as well. He found what he was looking for and shared it in hopes that others would find it too. I believe that Bob’s memorial service will be remembered not only as a single life passing, but as many lives spiritually beginning.


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