THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

November 4, 2010

Election Reflection

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The people of the United States have spoken again. With all the changes that are now imminent, it is clear that America does not like the direction our country is going. But of all the races and issues that were on ballots across America, there is one election result that, to me, is a stand out. It is not the “red and blue” swaps for House and Senate seats, nor is it the change in governors and state constitutions or other ballot issues. The stand out issue took place in Iowa as voters actually chose not to retain three state Supreme Court justices, an obvious referendum on their gay-marriage decision. Justices are not above the law neither are they above removal from office, whether on the state or federal level. Our founders made sure of that. Americans will not stand for elitism in any office. Back to Iowa, look for a seismic shift in direction with a new governor and legislature. Tuesday’s election tsunami will have huge ramifications in state and federal government. Oklahoma drew a line in the sand regarding state sovereignty and international and sharia law. Rhode Island keep their name rather than bow to the politically correct crowd, and California kept marijuana illegal. There is still much work to be done to restore the Republic and return our culture to a Biblical values base. We must pray for a courageous congress. We must hold all of our local, state, and federal representatives accountable for their choices as we stay abreast of the issues they face. Believers MUST continue to pray and fast in intercession for our leaders, our churches, and our country, and for restoration, renewal, and revival. I pray that these “three R’s” are on the way and that elections to come would continue to reflect an informed and virtuous electorate.


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