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November 16, 2010

Significant Admission: HHS agrees benefits decrease/costs increase with Obamacare

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Well, here is an admission of guilt:  For many companies, the new health care regulations will  result in a significant benefit decrease, or a significant cost increase. How does Health and Human Services agree? By approving waivers certifying significant consequences for enrollees of 111 companies (many of them unions) as of November 1. Here is the HHS list: These waivers alone affect nearly 1.2 million participants in the programs with significant increases/decreases — not to mention countless companies who did not yet file or whose benefits or costs are not significant enough. Here are the “significant” waiver qualifiers in HHS’s own words: It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that bureaucrats have made a bigger mess out of an already big mess and they are not even sure of the future consequences of their regulations. Speaker Pelosi’s comments on “passing it to find out what’s in it” not only applies to American citizens, but to legislators and bureaucrats alike–another significant admission. My response to this farce?  Ditch it all and start over.  Hopefully the lame ducks will be put out of their misery by Obamacare proponents sobered by the elections. And what do we do in the mean time? Watch and pray–let your voice be heard in Heaven and in Washington D.C.


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  1. Mid Week in Mid America:

    Your article resonates with the Truth!

    Thank you for your bravery,

    the Williams Family

    Comment by Bud and Nancy — November 17, 2010 @ 3:28 pm | Reply

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