THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

March 10, 2011

United Nations – Teen Eagles Making a Difference

Thanks for your prayers. After a rocky start with cancelled and delayed flights, we had a safe trip in every way and were able to help the pro-life coalition stem the tide of the pro-abortion and anti-family forces. Previously controlling documents were left virtually intact without more ambiguous terminology and fewer references to “reproductive services” and similar language, plus the blocking of wording like “sexuality education, and personal services.” The pro-life coalition was encouraged by the presence of the Teen Eagles, and we had several immediate answers to prayer regarding action on the floor of the CSW conference hall. Students not only ministered to coalition members, but also handed out pro-life and pro-family literature, lobbied delegates from around the world, met national ministry leaders, and listened to international delegates debate family and women’s issues. All-in-all, a successful trip–God was glorified, and our late nights and early mornings paid off. (We stayed in the UN on Thursday night until 2:30 AM.)

St. Louis Teen Eagles is a group of politically active teens with a heart to restore the Constitutional and Christian heritage of our nation. This was their seventh trip to the U.N. to assist the pro-life/pro-family coalition in promoting traditional family values in international policy documents. Some of these documents become treaties while others become the basis for what some call “international customary law” which can be cited as court precedents. Also, poorer member countries, usually conservative on moral issues, are typically bullied into silence by larger countries, coalitions, and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) that provide their financial aid. America’s presidential administration determines policy and priorities of the U.S. Ambassador and delegations to the U.N. The current administration is aggressively advancing the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda. Again, thanks for your prayers and support.


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