THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

March 16, 2011

The Sexualization of America and the World

After giving some thought to my recent trip to the U.N. with a contingent of the St. Louis Teen Eagles, I wanted to make a few comments regarding the coarsening of our society on its trek to becoming more like its disintegrating European counterpart. The socialization (vis-à-vis sexualization) of Europe is not only well documented but also well promoted not only in the European Union (EU) but also in the United Nations. The Obama administration’s delegation, in lock step with the EU, has led the battle charge against traditional Christian values which uphold the sanctity of life and family. America’s largest and most influential education union, the National Education Association (NEA) graphically declared that sex and sexuality education are needed worldwide in preschool through college to solve the world’s population and gender stereotyping ills. (Of course, the new definition of gender expands the traditional view of male and female to at least six genders…adding LGBT orientations.) Smaller aid-dependent countries decried the harassment of their funder nations regarding the push for all of these changes. Many pro-abortion, anti-traditional family NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) plus many U.N. agencies like the UNFPA, regularly and forcefully encourage these intimidating changes while countering, blocking, and even shouting down alternative views. There were at least two occasions when our Teen Eagle team made early exits from conferences because of objectionable material being presented. What a statement was made as we left those venues! Parents, not culture or government, are responsible for their children’s education. They inculcate values and morés. Certainly communities and cultures reflect the values promoted by families, which has sorrowfully become an indictment on the family in our nation and our world. We need a revival of the spirit of family as well as a personal renewal of the spiritual values that have made America the exceptional nation that it is. America does not need to follow Europe… they are heading the wrong direction! European-style socialism is not working culturally, economically, or spiritually. America must STOP and remember from whence it came. America must repent of falling short of God’s standard, and then repeat its former works and retake its former stand and position as a light to the nations–a city set upon a hill.


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