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December 2, 2011

Send Washington A Message

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I am so tired of the budgetary standoff going on in Washington. I am sending House and Senate members a message:


  • Americans have complained about the size of government for decades. We have a bloated bureaucracy. We have so much waste in programs and subsidies. We have a huge lack of local and regional oversight. Government is the biggest employer in the country–that is a travesty because government produces NOTHING!
  • It is grossly UNFAIR and unAmerican to expect a small group of citizen taxpayers to pay extra taxes simply because they have more resources…especially when tax money is being squandered on super-sized government! Genuine economic justice gives equal protection under law. Where is equality when one small group is singled out like this?
  • We need leaders who are willing to face the facts and make the tough decisions. Americans are overtaxed and underprotected. Government needs to keep to its Constitutional responsibilities and release the private sector to be the economic stimulus it is designed to be. Government will NEVER be big enough to oversee America’s economy, nor should it be, because when it gets that big, America will cease to be America.

When you do not manage well the money you have, you should not be given more! Congress needs to get its financial house in order before asking for more.

Democrat or Republican, I will not vote for a Senator, Representative, or President who believes differently.


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