THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

February 4, 2012

Who can beat Obama?

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History may hold the key. Looking backward starting with the most recent past elections, Republicans chose the old warhorse, John McCain to lose to newcomer Barack Obama. Democrats brought in Senate warhorse John Kerry to lose to incumbent outsider George Bush-2. Democratic warhorse and VP Al Gore lost to outsider George Bush. Republican warhorse Bob Dole was left in the dust of a wounded but popular Bill Clinton. Four years previous, old warhorse George Bush-1 succumbed to young and personable Bill Clinton.  Here is the exception: Old warhorse VP Bush-1, tied to his immensely popular predecessor, Ronald Reagan, stomped Gov. Michael Dukakis (and his VP dinosaur Lloyd Benson), probably on the coattails of the emerging Reagan legacy. Conservative crusader/Washington outsider Ronald Reagan stomped the unpopular Jimmy Carter, an outsider one-term president. Even though Reagan holds the distinct honor as the oldest inaugurated President in history, and perhaps deserves a descriptive like “old warhorse,” his strength and vigor and populist appeal eclipsed his opponents. Reagan became the authentic American warhorse.

Now let’s look at today’s contest. Do we really think that bringing in historical warhorses Romney or Gingrich will stand up to the pending onslaught? Does history teach us anything? Maybe Romney is the consummate executive and Gingrich the consummate politician, but are they the right matchup for the battle? I think not. I believe Rick Santorum is that man. I cannot help but compare the currently popular movie, Warhorse, to the epic and lengthy struggle going on in the Republican party now. There is a scene where all the old warhorses, worn out unto death from the uphill pull of massive artillery, are consigned to their mass graves—that is, all except one young warhorse who has the strength and resolve (although not the same bred stature) to survive the day and make us all proud. I believe in the young and virtuous warhorse, Rick Santorum. The experts say he cannot win, but I am not so sure. He possesses the inner strength and character not unlike the equine protagonist. Protecting families, freedom and faith are the core values of the Santorum campaign. He champions them all. Although economics is the dominating election issue, it is a short sighted view of the American horizon. If we bail out the economy without the protection of family and freedoms in mind, what have we accomplished? Priorities of faith, family, and freedom will help guide us through the minefield and barbed wire of economic expediency. I believe in Rick Santorum and his message. I believe he can beat Obama, guide us through the economic turmoil, and help reverse the downward spiral of our culture.


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  1. TUE, 2/7, am


    The Lord bless you for your courage to speak to a, sadly, fearful America …


    the Williams Family

    Comment by Bud and Nancy — February 7, 2012 @ 7:29 am | Reply

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