THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

February 9, 2012

Give me a Workhorse over a Racehorse Any Day

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While some national figures are throwing their support to to their chosen racehorses (i.e. endorsers Cain, Trump, and even evangelical personalities), I would like to “get off the (race) track” and back “on the farm.”  Many have made this Republican nomination process into placing bets on a perceived winner–selecting your throroughbred choice. But may I suggest leaving the track and heading down to your local livestock auction to acquire a proven workhorse that will perform with the character and perseverance necessary to get the job done. One may have an expertise at buying/selling/brokering/trading stock, businesses, or votes for that matter; but politics is all about governance, and governing requires the mettle of moral character and conviction that will inspire the human will into action. Do you want a racehorse or a workhorse? Racehorses are sleek, slick and flashy; workhorses are muscular, dependable and steadfast. Racehorses are breeds of competition and show, workhorses get things done. America, we can’t afford to “horse around” in 2012. Let’s bring our country back home to the values of honesty, thrift, and hard work–back to our roots of family, faith, and freedom. That is why I am standing behind Rick Santorum.


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