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March 18, 2012

Caucus turned raucous ruckus

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I attended the St. Charles County Caucus in St. Peters yesterday. I was appreciative of the organization and orderliness with with organizers got us in, registered, and seated. But the organization quickly disintegrated from there. The crowd of somewhere between 1000 and 1500 was apparently dominated by Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters and their strident organizers. After surveying the crowd, both group leaders colluded right in front of our section of bleachers hashing out how they would split delegates and officers and effectively shut out any Santorum representation. When the meeting got underway, the pacing organizers-turned-rabble-rousers shouted down the chair on several issues with which they disagreed. They all loudly chanted parliamentary procedures (as well as negative epithets of the chair) but would not allow Robert’s Rules to work–procedure means nothing when mob rule is brewing. Our whole section of bleachers could not hear what was being voted on because of the constant stoking of the Paul and Romney supporters. It was fairly obvious that the two groups had a majority. If they would have kept quiet, the parliamentary process could have worked in their behalf and their majority would have won the day, but they wouldn’t shut up. It was their disorder that shut down the meeting.

St. Charles County organizers need to split up this caucus and figure out how to control the raucous ruckus.

Here is an “illegal” rabble youtube video (from an obviously hidden recording device) so you can decide for yourself:


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  1. This is why the founding fathers never wanted America to become a democracy. The United States of America was instituted as a republic to protect against mobocracy and rule without “rules”. The greatest inhibitor to the safeguard of liberty is not only the government but also the people who operate without a moral basis. The French Revolution is a perfect example of liberty without moral or civil order and the danger it poses to all. One cannot in the name of liberty destroy the foundation of its defense.

    Comment by stlteeneagles — March 18, 2012 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

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