THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

May 11, 2012

American Irresponsibility

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In a fallen world like ours, the default position for civil government is monarchial at best and despotic at worst. Man longs for liberty as is possible only in a democratic republic, but that liberty only comes with the commensurate responsibility of virtuous, individual self-government. When I say “default position,” what I mean is this: without responsible self-government and like representation, our republican form of government will not stand. Liberties will be lost, and there will be a gradual slide back into tyranny. This is what Franklin and others meant when they stated that a republic must be maintained by a virtuous citizenry–our form of government is “…a republic, IF you can keep it.” Americans cannot take back their government without a mature view and expression of  moral, individual self-government. Otherwise, to protect society, the “nanny state” must intervene. It already has. The question is, does America have it in her to grow up and take seriously her God-given responsibility? Can she “keep” the republic? This summer and fall will tell the tale.


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