THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

June 17, 2012

Obama’s Immigration Policy: Separation of Powers and the Rule of Law

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In his immigration policy statement Friday, President Barack Obama told reporters that current immigration laws would not be enforced in order to make them “more fair” and “more just.” Our chief executive has not only chosen  nonenforcement of current law but also usurpation of the role of the legislative and judicial branches of our government. Here are his statements:

“This morning, Secretary Napolitano announced new actions my administration will take to mend our nation’s immigration policy, to make it more fair, more efficient and more just…reform that continues to improve our border security and lives up to our heritage as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants..We have always drawn strength from being a nation of immigrants, as well as a nation of laws. And that’s going to continue. And my hope is that Congress recognizes that and get behind — gets behind this effort.”

Our U.S. Constitution and the rule of law have again been undermined by the highest office in the land. I am aghast that he has placed American immigration policy on an equal level with America’s consummate rule of law. Being “a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws” do not equate. Obama has become judge, jury, and executioner…again. (Remember DOMA?)

This desperate move not only upsets our two most cherished governmental restraints, but also panders to perhaps the single largest voting block, Latinos, just months before an election. Just one year ago, Obama said he could not do what he just did. He had categorically stated that comprehensive immigration reform was the only answer. There are many immigration reform bills in Congress now, one or two that are progressing through the legislative process (Rubio). A mockery has been made of the rule of law as well as the separation of powers.

Congress must respond to this unconstitutional act. Enough is enough.


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