THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

July 2, 2012

Calling on Akin to take the high ground and leave the low ground to Brunner

Just got today’s mail…I tried to count to 10, but just got to 9 before I clicked “Post!”

I CONDEMN John Brunner for his negative attack ads and his misrepresentation and spinning of the facts.

Mr. Brunner, you cannot purchase this election with all your slick mailings and commercials. For being a self-proclaimed outsider and “citizen-senator,” you are cherry picking facts just like “career politicians” do. I don’t think you will find either Akin or Steelman doing what you have done. The truth will prevail, your support will evaporate, and your high-paid political promoters will be the only beneficiaries of your self-funded campaign. God forgive me if I am being harsh, but I have had enough of it. Truth can be stretched into lies and I think you have crossed over that line.

This has been airing the last couple of weeks. Combined with the mailing I received today, I have just one thing to say, “Shame on you John Brunner for misrepresenting the truth:”

Now here is a class act:

I call on Congressman Akin to rebut Brunner’s mischaracterizations with the truth of the matter, and do it in an appropriate way.


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