THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

August 2, 2012

Remember Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

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Remember in Mr Smith Goes to Washington, how the media machine opponents spun the truth about Jeff Smith and his bill? That is EXACTLY what Senate opponent John Brunner is doing to an honest man, Todd Akin. Money moguls like John Brunner are the corrupt ones. I do not want a man like that representing me in the Senate. He knows he is printing lies and innuendo, but he is saying that he is just reprinting some other news report. He has twisted truth into a lie, just like in Mr. Smith.

Would David Barton endorse a crooked politician? No, but he has endorsed, AS A GOOD FRIEND AND COWORKER, Congressman Todd Akin who is running for US Senate.  BIG MONEY IS TRYING TO SQUASH AN HONEST MAN AND HIS CONSERVATIVE REPUTATION. Salesman and millionaire John Brunner will do anything to win, anything…and he will put his money where his mouth is. He has pulled the wool over many Missourians’ eyes.
Does Glenn Beck trust David Barton’s judgment? How about Michele Bachmann’s or Mike Huckabee’s? How about the endorsements of over 100 Missouri pastors and Christian leaders?
“I am honored to endorse Congressman Todd Akin for U.S. Senate. I have known and worked closely with him for many years and he is a strong balanced conservative on both social and economic issues, fighting not only for unborn life and traditional marriage but also to reduce federal spending and reestablish constitutionally limited government. While others are willing to support these values once they come to a vote, Todd was willing to fight to bring these issues to a vote. He is not just a supporter of our constitutional conservative values but he is also a champion for them. We need the principled leadership of Todd Akin in the U. S. Senate.”

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