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November 3, 2012

My Vote for President and Senate

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My personal principles and values tend to fall with the platform of the Republican party, though the party itself does not require any candidate to adhere to it. That is too bad, but that is the way it is. I cannot stand with the liberal platform of the Democratic Party, period. Sadly, most of their candidates agree with it.

Now, here is how I feel about our presidential race. I believe with all my heart that Barack Obama must not be given another four years. His domestic and foreign policies will wreck us as well as bankrupt us as a nation. He must be stopped and unseated. The question for me is, “Who can stop him and replace him as President?” I believe there is only one candidate who can, Mitt Romney. Is Romney my perfect choice? No. But I believe he is the one and only choice to stop Barack Obama. I will vote for Mitt Romney.

Who can best serve Missouri and our country in the U.S. Senate? Claire McCaskill has voted with Barack Obama’s agenda 98% of the time. She can say she is “moderate” all day long till she is blue in the face, but that does not make it so. She is a lawyer and a slick and convincing communicator, but she does not share my values. Now…the reason I am voting for Todd Akin is because he DOES share my values. I know him and his family. He is not the wild-eyed, right-wing weirdo that McCaskill and the liberal media have painted him to be. Don’t let the selected sound bites shape your opinion. His official website ( and campaign material show him for who he really is and who I know him to be. He is a smart, intelligent man and a capable, experienced leader. He is a man of genuine faith who stands for the family and for the protection of our freedoms. Maybe you are still not convinced. Perhaps your questions are not all answered. Well, the election is Tuesday. Let me close with this…If you think Obama’s crony, Claire McCaskill, must be stopped as well, there is only one candidate who can beat her–Todd Akin. Thanks for your time.


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  1. Weekend on the Prairie, November 3, 2012
    Good morning.
    Yes, our family totally agrees.
    Bud and Nancy Williams
    Pontiac, Illinois

    Comment by the Williams Family — November 3, 2012 @ 11:29 am | Reply

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