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January 1, 2013

Unhappy New Year–Thanks to Congress

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What a way to start 2013. Americans must wake up to the cowardice that is leading us. This first legislation of  the new year (“Fiscal Cliff”) is symptomatic of the lack of courage and concern to protect our future. Years ago, we used to play “kick the can” in the alley behind our home in St. Louis. That was a game. What Congress has done is no game. They are simply trying to frantically manipulate a fragile economy rather than courageously make the tough decisions we need. These political games must stop. A two-month breather will only play further havoc with the economy, because there is no political will to do the right thing, the sane thing, the responsible thing…fix the real problem, not the symptoms. Americans must wake up and stand for the truth rather than fall for the rhetoric. I, for one, will do everything in my power to continue to educate myself and those around me regarding responsible citizenship: standing for truth and exposing the lies of relativism, pragmatism, and expediency.


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  1. Mid Week in Upstate Illinois, January 2, 2013


    By the grace of God, our heart stands committed to the very same path …
    to the “Last Ounce of Courage!”


    the Williams’

    Comment by Bud and Nancy — January 2, 2013 @ 11:48 am | Reply

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