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April 30, 2014

No Article V (Amendment) Convention

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Liberals and some Conservatives alike, are on board a movement to amend our U.S. Constitution by a method never before tried since the original constitutional convention in 1787. Remember what happened then? The Articles of Confederation were ditched and a brand new constitution was created. All amendments to the Constitution since then (27 of them) have been formulated and passed by the same process: Congress passes a proposed amendment and it goes to the states for ratification. Article V does authorize another way, but as I understand it, it has never been tried….and in today’s political climate, should NOT be tried.

The only way an “Amendment Convention” would work is if the states were as free and autonomous as they were when the Constitution was established. The fact is, the states are not. Since Reconstruction and the Progressive Era, states have systematically been put under the U.S. government’s thumb and on the government dole. Federalism today is not even a shadow of its former self. (Federalism is the distribution of power both horizontally and vertically throughout our governmental system. It is a check on concentrated power within one branch or one level of government.) Genuine federalism has been stripped away, program by program, as “nationalism” has taken over. The Constitutional Amendment process (especially 13-17) has hatcheted away at state sovereignty. For all practical intents and purposes, today, federalism is all about Washington DC, and very little about our 50 states. One way or the other, DC partisanship power will control the amendment convention process. That is not the way the Framers designed it, but sadly, that is the way it works today. And don’t expect the Supreme Court to come to the rescue. Their view of the Constitution is not what the Framers had in mind.

It is a different world in DC, at all levels, in all branches, both public and private—political office holders as well as political party power brokers. As George Washington predicted, political parties and special interests will manipulate the process to protect their power and influence. In DC, history testifies that trying the untried has always ended badly for America—the states end up losing to ever-encroaching federal authority. With precious few exceptions, the entire Twentieth Century testifies to this reality. Washington DC just does not understand that the purpose of the Constitution was and is to LIMIT federal encroachment. (Frankly, that is why the plain sense of the Constitution is ignored today.) They will somehow control the process and the amendment convention will not end well. You can count on it.



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  1. End-of-Week up North, May 2, 2014
    Good morning to “The Iron Pen!”
    Our family thanks you, once more, for speaking and teaching the Truth.
    Yes, America has a Constitution; it declares that we are a “constituted” republic under the rule of law.
    Americans need to acknowledge the reality that our civil government accomplishes its purpose, when it understands that God rules with His Law; as put forth in THE CONSTITUTION (Bible).
    The Lord bless the work of your hands,
    the Williams’

    Comment by Bud and Nancy — May 2, 2014 @ 8:36 am | Reply

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