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July 13, 2015

If you are in the St. Louis area, Don’t miss KrisAnne Hall!

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Righteous Liberty Conference Landscape

3 Events in 1
Three stand-alone events:
Tuesday night, August 11, 7pm – The Foundations of Religious Liberty
Wednesday morning and afternoon, August 12, 9am-3pm – The Roots of Liberty Seminar
Wednesday evening, August 12, 7pm – Righteous Resistance to Civil Authority

Free and open to the public. There will be a free will offering received.
Call 636.386.7722 for more information and to RSVP.

The “Roots of Liberty” Seminar is not just another lecture on the Constitution. KrisAnne Hall presents the 700+ year history that gave us our founding documents–proving that our founding documents were not created on a whim and that they are reliable and relevant. It is important to know not only what your rights are, but why you have them. In addition to the history of the Bill of Rights, KrisAnne presents each of the first ten amendments in their context–in the words and history of our founders. She also presents the 17th Amendment and what we must do to make our federal politicians accountable.

Vital Info! You cannot defend your rights, if you do not know what they are!



  1. Mid Week up North, July 15, 2015
    Good morning!
    Our family again thanks the Pillar Foundation for these opportunities to strengthen Christ’s followers; encouraging people to go forth in His all-sufficient Name.
    The Lord bless you much,
    Bud and Nancy Williams

    Comment by Bud and Nancy — July 15, 2015 @ 9:49 am | Reply

  2. P.S.
    We look at the Wednesday evening session as, “Righteous Resistance to [Unlawful] Civil Authority.” A wise teacher once said, “When God-ordained authority comes out from under His Law, then that authority has become lawless; we then must appeal to God (Acts 4:19, Acts 5:29) and His righteous rule.
    Praise Him: Amen!!!

    Comment by Bud and Nancy — July 15, 2015 @ 9:56 am | Reply

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