THE IRON PEN by Daniel Hite

July 20, 2016

A Time for Choosing

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The human soul is basically comprised of mind, will, and emotion. All are human attributes. These two weeks of political conventions display the breadth of human personality. This week, we have political partiessseen the “heady” side lay out a reasoned appeal for our support and vote in November, as well as the dark side of the week to come. Next week, we experience the “touchy-feely” side with an appeal to our emotions to react to the past week then embrace the present feel-good moment. Both perspectives are enticing because both are inherently human. Herein lies the rub: the will of each viewer will choose a side that appeals to them, based on which attribute is dominant within. Let me interject this: truth is what is most important. We must choose what is true. Without an independent basis and point of reference for what is true, either side could do. So what is the truth? How can one discern right and wrong? That is where a good conscience comes in handy to discern the difference. Consciences can be weak and also defiled and sometimes rendered untrustworthy. If that is the case then the choice of the will is a shot in the dark with no discernible direction. Let me encourage you to pray and get your bearings before you make a decision. Set your conscience according to God’s truth. In America, we have historically and traditionally called upon God and relied upon Him for His superintending power, protection, and provision. Divine Providence has always been our shield, our sword, and our strategy. I am praying in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that it will be so again.


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  1. Wednesday Evening, July 20, 2016
    Dear Dan:
    We’re praying along with you and many others.
    In His Name,
    the Williams Home

    Comment by the Williams Family — July 20, 2016 @ 9:35 pm | Reply

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