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July 21, 2016

What the MSM Missed at the RNC

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The mainstream media (MSM) have bought into the new “party line”view of the events surrounding the recent Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. The Main Event: Trump vs. Cruz. After all, Cruz supporters were behind all the committee amendments and floor disagreements, weren’t they?  One would think that the Trump anti-establishment/”rigged primary” forces would have distanced themselves from the party establishment and welcomed Rules Committee amendments from those wanting to decentralize RNC power and return it to the grassroots. So why the disparity? Why the strange bedfellows? These are questions the MSM should have been asking. These are the scenarios they should have been investigating. Here is part of what they missed:

1) Gen. Sherman’s “March to to the Sea” had nothing on Trump’s “March to Cleveland”
Domination was the name of the game: The final sweep of the primaries, the crushing of his opposition, the manhandling of RNC leadership, and mostly, the pillaging and silencing of the opposition.   It was Trump’s “total war” strategy that forged the responses of the Republican Right coming into and continuing throughout the convention.

2) A very unAmerican thing happened at the RNC…the minority was silenced
In American politics, the saying goes, “The majority may have its way but the minority still gets its say.” Not at this convention. Yes, a bone may have been thrown to the right with another conservative platform passed through, but the platform means virtually nothing for all intents and purposes. (It has absolutely no teeth regarding what candidates and incumbents believe.) The spoils of party control fell to the Trump team and, combined with the vitriol of the RNC establishment for the conservative right, the Rules Committee leadership ran roughshod silencing amenders from the committee floor to the convention floor. It’s one thing for the majority to legitimately outnumber the minority, but it is quite another to mute and manhandle the opposition with parliamentary gymnastics and manufactured crowd response. Trumpteam forces and party establishment forcefully landed the one-two knockout to healthy debate decorum. This display of silverback dominance may one day be regretted when Trump leaders realize that the reform of “rigged” party rules was a goal in common with dissidents and a “yuge” opportunity missed by the Trump campaign.

3) The RNC is a party convention first and a convention party last
Much of the media misunderstands this. The RNC is actually one long business meeting from Monday’s first gavel to last gavel late Thursday night. Yes there are balloons waiting to be dropped and candidates coronated with celebration. But to see this RNC as one big Trump party and to decry dissenting delegates as “party poopers” is almost tantamount to yellow journalism. Opposition to the new coalition party was almost uniformly reported as #NeverTrumpers or #UnbindDelegates, which could not be farther from the truth. (There were at least four delegate factions that had coalesced around rule changes.) Ted Cruz’s now infamous convention address was described not only as “political suicide” and “classless” but reported as crashing the party, as totally inappropriate and self-serving for a Trump-centered event. (Trump may control the RNC but he IS NOT the RNC.) Cruz was invited by Trump to address RNC delegates, Trump knowing full well in advance the content of the speech and that there would be no endorsement. There was absolutely nothing “anti-Trump” in Cruz’s speech. In fact, it was framed with congratulatory remarks and recommended priorities for a victorious campaign. How was that inappropriate and self-serving? Cruz was not promoting himself, he was promoting conservative constitutional values. He just didn’t do the PC (“Party Correctness”) thing. Media was fed the party line negativity and swallowed it hook, line, and sinker, then regurgitated it all over the airwaves.

4) Trump’s Primary Opponents: Cowards, Sore Losers, or Principled Champions?
There were 17 candidates vying for the Republican nomination. Where were they and what were they doing and saying during convention week? Some came, some commented, some commiserated. Who was courageous leadership material and who was not? Political correctness takes on a whole new facet when media due-diligence is applied here.

These are a few of opportunities missed, overlooked, or hidden by not only mainstream media but some alternative media alike. (The back story and context are so influential to reporting the facts, and not just the perceptions of events.) I certainly understand that not everyone gets everything right all the time, maybe even most of the time. But media manipulation, from within and from without, is rampant as is personal and journalistic bias. None of us are without biases. But responsible journalism seeks and shares the truth, that is, if we still believe in truth. When media misses, overlooks, or buries the truth, then society suffers and grows more apathetic or indifferent toward it. The vision, the voice and the conscience of the people are compromised. Where there is no vision (of truth) the people perish–They cast off restraint. (Proverbs 29:18)

Some reports that tell more of the real story:

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  1. SONday, July 24, 2016
    Dan, thanks for leading us. (I Corinthians 11:1, II Timothy 2:2)
    God bless you!
    With sincerest regards,
    Bud and Nancy Williams

    Comment by the Williams Family — July 24, 2016 @ 11:58 am | Reply

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