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June 30, 2012

Jury still out on Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling

Blessing in disguise? Maybe. Chief Justice John Roberts has been severely criticized by much of the right for breaking ranks with his conservative colleagues on the high court. He may be smarter than they think. His vote tipped the decision to declare Obamacare premiums a “tax” rather than a commercial payment. That is a major game changer for the politics of this legislative behemoth. Listen to a sensible Marco Rubio on the video below, speaking just after the SCOTUS ruling, then read the two article links that follow. I think we are in for quite a roller coaster ride, and just maybe, the condemning right may be thanking Roberts for doing our side a favor. It’s just a matter of time before that verdict is in.

“Why Chief Justice Roberts Made the Right Long-Term Decision with Obamacare” from The Independent Journal Review

“The Chief Justice Done Good” from The American Thinker


April 1, 2012

Thank you, Presidebt Obama:

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Remember Nancy Pelosi’s statement about ObamaCare? “We have to pass the bill so that we can find out what’s in it.” Well, here we go again:  $17 trillion funding gap just discovered in ObamaCare…read the story.

Thank you, Mr. Presidebt!

April 1, 2011

Defund Planned Parenthood NOW!

“Family Planning” goes only one way at PP, and your tax dollars help it along. Look at this Youtube report:

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 30–A series of new undercover phone calls reveals that contrary to the claims of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and other supporters of the nation’s largest abortion chain, the organization does not provide mammograms for women. (Youtube caption)

Ephesians 5:11 – “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them…”

November 16, 2010

Significant Admission: HHS agrees benefits decrease/costs increase with Obamacare

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Well, here is an admission of guilt:  For many companies, the new health care regulations will  result in a significant benefit decrease, or a significant cost increase. How does Health and Human Services agree? By approving waivers certifying significant consequences for enrollees of 111 companies (many of them unions) as of November 1. Here is the HHS list: These waivers alone affect nearly 1.2 million participants in the programs with significant increases/decreases — not to mention countless companies who did not yet file or whose benefits or costs are not significant enough. Here are the “significant” waiver qualifiers in HHS’s own words: It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that bureaucrats have made a bigger mess out of an already big mess and they are not even sure of the future consequences of their regulations. Speaker Pelosi’s comments on “passing it to find out what’s in it” not only applies to American citizens, but to legislators and bureaucrats alike–another significant admission. My response to this farce?  Ditch it all and start over.  Hopefully the lame ducks will be put out of their misery by Obamacare proponents sobered by the elections. And what do we do in the mean time? Watch and pray–let your voice be heard in Heaven and in Washington D.C.

June 21, 2010

Couldn’t have said it better

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Gary Bauer has a terrific article in Human Events comparing government management of health care and the Gulf oil spill.  America must wake up, speak up, act up.

Gary Bauer article in Human Events

April 13, 2010

Incompetence in Washington

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Remember the old oxymoron, “Army intelligence?”  I suppose one could also similarly categorize “government oversight,” or any other presumed competence coming out of Washington D.C..  Everyone is now trying to figure out what the new health care reform bill means to Americans…and Congress, their staff, and bureaucrats are no exception.  Did you get that?  Congress and the rest of the federal government are trying to figure it out, too!  Ambiguous language and complicated cross-referencing are leaving statutory interpreters of the new law scratching their heads.  Apparently NO ONE proof read the 2700 page monstrosity in its own context.  We know Congress did not read the bill before passing it, and I am sure the President did not read it before signing.  The question is, did anyone read it?  If this whole fiasco does not qualify for an overhaul of the legislative system (and the legislature itself!), I don’t know what does!  As suspected, incompetence is running rampant inside the beltway.  Read this short New York Times article and be prepared come election day to do your duty as a citizen and show Washington how oversight is done:

(By the way, it’s almost unfathomable to think that there are 8 million federal employees under their current health plan…that is the population of New York City!)  These next elections will be no-brainers…check with your sources and see who voted for the health care bill then do not reelect them.  Yes, Mr President, CHANGE is coming to Washington, real change YOU can count on.  And Congress, you are on notice.

March 25, 2010

Understanding purpose answers many questions

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Life’s complexities are simplified when purposes are established. When one understands the purpose of something, it certainly settles many issues regarding the thing. The purpose of a light bulb is to produce area lighting, but I suppose you could use the bulb for a hammer or a bat if you wanted to–not a good idea, though. Things are best used for the purpose for which they were created or intended. It’s safer for everyone! The same reasoning applies to pencils, pianos and pumpernickel, or whatever. You can certainly use these items for other reasons. You can use a pencil as a pointer or a scratcher (careful!) but it makes much more sense to use it for its intended purpose…it is much more effective that way, in fact an object really shines when it is used according to its design–there is nothing else quite like it.  I have a bag of items (mostly made by Tupperware), which I use as illustrations for understanding the purpose of things. Unless one knows from previous experience what the individual item is designed for, it is very difficult to determine its purpose–like a teabag squeezer, or egg separater, or orange peeler (get the picture?)  There is one who, without a doubt, knows the purpose of a creation…its creator.  I use this illustration to emphasize the fact that your Creator knows your purpose and He is the One of whom you should inquire as to your existence, purpose, potential and direction regarding life’s questions.

I would also like to add another question or two and an application to this discussion…What is the purpose of government and, more specifically, our U. S. Constitution?  Who best can answer that question than the designers and framers of it. They taught us that our constitution was designed to organize and limit the scope of our national government. Here is another question:  If the Constitution was indeed designed to limit the size and scope of government, how in the world can it be interpreted and used to increase and expand the reach of government into our lives?  Our founders understood and cherished our God-given liberty and, by design, they limited and decentralized government to maintain the maximum amount of personal liberty.  The Constitution should be interpreted in this light whether the issue be health care or anything else. Purpose determines the most effective use of an object, and the object of government is no exception.  Historical investigation helps us find these answers in our historical documents and especially in the most important document of all time–the Bible.  For personal, practical, and purposeful inquiry, read the Bible and get your questions answered there. Our founders did, and just look how God blessed the work of their hands. Indeed blessed is the nation whose Creator God is the Lord. His purposes shall stand.

March 24, 2010

The Washington Tsunami

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Following the political earthquakes of Sunday’s House vote and Tuesday’s White House signing (vulgar as it was), the fallout of this raw, unbridled government power grab is mounting.  Like a tsunami, there will be a sweeping, leveling tidal wave of American resistance in government offices and at the polls–from sea to shining sea. The sleeping giant that was awakened now moves on Washington with each thundering footstep. “We the People” cannot be silenced. We will be heard and heeded.  The USA does not belong to the Washington elect, it belongs to every God-fearing, Constitution-believing citizen who cherishes our liberty and the price that was paid to maintain it.  This is one tsunami I am looking forward to!

March 22, 2010

Health Care Bipartisanship

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219 yeas (all Democrats) and 212 nays (every Republican + 34 Democrats)- so where was the bipartisanship? It was all on the nay side.  The only bipartisan agreement on this flawed bill was on the negative side–diametric partisan opposition except in the negative camp.  Does that not speak to us as Americans supposedly represented by these 431 votes? Democrats AND Republicans agreed that this was the wrong bill to solve the health care problem.  Only the remaining Democrats, even though the majority, forced their will, never read the bill, and jammed it down the throats of the American people with a mere 48-hour notice to absorb 2700 pages without specific discussion.  And all this on one of the most comprehensive, life-changing and far-reaching pieces of legislation to have crossed the desks of Congress in decades.  Shame on the House majority and shame on the voters who put them there.  Bipartisanship should be all about the exchange of ideas and points of view to find the balance and best for their American constituency.  Such a rush to decision has become the hallmark of this administration and its Congressional majority.  This is not wisdom at work, this is ideology and pragmatism at its worst.  With this as the apparent modus operandi for the Obama administration, it certainly cannot be trusted.  Americans beware.

March 18, 2010

Congress on notice

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Any move by any party to shortcut the legislative process for purposes of avoiding open debate, especially on such sweeping legislative changes as health care, is an affront to the spirit and the letter of the U.S. Constitution — PERIOD. It is an assault on the liberties we cherish.  It is the kind of political expedience that is un-American.

March 16, 2010

USA at the UN

When I was at the UN last week, several in our delegation heard Sec. of State Hillary Clinton speak to the entire Conference on the Status of Women (CSW). As you may know, we were there lobbying with a pro-life, pro-family message.  If you do not already know or suspect, the policy of the current US administration is pro-abortion as well as very weak on traditional family values and structure.  We saw firsthand at the UN how the USA is leading the charge for reproductive rights and other controversial issues.  This makes it very difficult for small, undeveloped and developing nations that have taken a stand for traditional family and life issues.  They can be pressured in many ways by nations of means to be supportive or silent to the anti-life/anti-family agenda. In the UN consensus process, silence is consent. So that you will not think that this is conservative spin on this situation, I have linked a Youtube video of Sec. Clinton testifying before a Congressional committee  last year on this administration’s foreign policy objectives regarding these issues. This administrative policy extends to the work of the US delegation to the UN. In the video, the simple answer to Congressman Smith’s question to Sec. Clinton is “yes, yes, yes” without any reservation or apology. It is this kind of hubris, resolve, and aggressive tactics that characterize the opposition. Judge for yourself:

God help us.  He is the only One who can confound the counsel of the enemy. (Isa. 19:2,3)  Pray for the pro-life/pro-family coalition that battles these issues in the UN conferences, treaty formations, and personal work with delegations. Their work goes on throughout the year, behind the scenes, unnoticed, quietly, but intensely.

March 15, 2010

U.N. …there you go again

Nothing much has changed. The radical feminists are still running rampant and attempting to dominate influence over national delegations–and they are as frustrated as ever with pro-life and pro-family groups.  The United Nations’ Conference on the Status of Women (CSW) is no different. All non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) seek to influence (lobby) delegations representing the nations of the world. Conservative NGO’s are outnumbered probably 3 or 4 to 1, yet even a little light can still dispel the darkness. Approved documents were not a conservative as we may like, but neither are they as liberal as the opposition intended them to be. Darkness cannot overcome even the dimmest of light. What if the light was not present?

People often ask why we might spend our time, resources and energy at a morally/ethically corrupt and philosophically flawed place like the United Nations. Is not the whole organization and process an exercise in futility and globalist propagandizing?  Well, that may be so from an American point of view, but one would be hard pressed to convince the smallest and frailest of nations of what may appear obvious to us. Little nations have one vote, just as big nations do.  Many small nations have experienced more freedom and equality since the U.N. has been around.  They are grateful for being recognized and brought to the table. However, with that recognition comes a greater risk of manipulation and intimidation. There were in excess of 6,000 attending the CSW. One might be surprised at the number of Christian delegates attending a conference like this; this is more likely true of the more colorful nations attending rather than the white, European ones that dominate the power structure. All in all, it only takes a tiny spark of encouragement to ignite the smallest of opposition that can block a railroad of anti-life/anti-family momentum. That is what happens at these conferences.

The Lord tells His disciples to occupy until He returns.  It is this type of ministry that shakes just enough salt to restrain corruption and shines just enough light to dispel the darkness. One could ask the Apostle Paul why he would “waste his time and resources” on the city of Corinth.  How many other places have the nations of the world converge in one place? It is a golden opportunity to share a message and virally influence the nations of the world.  A little well-placed salt and light can make a world of difference.

March 5, 2010

U.N. here we come…again

This will be my fifth trip in four years to the United Nations as we attend the Conference on the Status of Women (CSW). We will be lobbying with the International Right to Life Federation alongside several other effective pro-life and pro-family groups. There is a move this year to consolidate all the various U.N. women’s rights entities into one large U.N. agency, assuming  greater power, clout and influence.  My heart certainly goes out to women and children in countries where their basic human rights are violated because of gender discrimination, but there are some radical feminists who would take advantage of these issues to press their own radical agenda. They would like to redefine family and even redefine gender into broader terms than the way they are traditionally understood. Would you believe six genders plus their inclusiveness in the design of family!  Reproductive rights and reproductive health services, gender equality and discrimination take on new meanings when the radical left has its way.  If this is not disturbing enough, the United States delegation is leading the leftist charge under the leadership of White House appointments.  Our Executive branch exerts far reaching influence in ways unknown to rank and file American citizens. Our American elections affect the peoples of nations great and small all around the globe.

So, we go to the United Nations to make a difference–to bear witness to the truth and to encourage international delegations to stand strong against radical forces that would lead us down the path of moral and social decline.  Although I am not a fan of the United Nations and its multi-leveled corruption and globalistic goals, it is a place where salt and light is desperately needed.  It is a dark and morally bankrupt place.  Please pray for us.

December 24, 2009

Congressional pragmatism over principle

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Over great public opposition, the U.S. Congress has publicly and formally made the transition from principled lawmaking to pragmatic history-making with their passage of health care reform legislation. The Darth Vader-like transition to the dark side of politics is probably the most well documented in history.  House then Senate majority leaders bespoke the virtues of the historic nature of their legislation, while virtually no one had time to read either bills before limited debate and passage. Due diligence and process has taken a back seat to political expedience and backslapping.

Closed door meetings and back room sweetheart deals characterized the entire process clinching the 60 votes needed to streamline passage. I would like to think that the straight party line vote drew a clear line between pragmatism and principle, but I am not that naïve. Partisanship is not dead, in fact it is quite alive and well on both sides of the aisle. Money and power have always been a human nemesis and political corridors house no exception.

So how does a principled citizen respond to this misuse of authority?  You purpose to vote the inglorious and dishonorable out of office while praying for their political demise along the way.  You barrage their offices with your promises of their impending defeat as you raise up and support replacements who will take a stand for liberty, truth, and justice. In the meantime, you continue to defend the right. When the outer castle walls are compromised, you retreat to the inner walls and prepare a new defense there. With regard to this health care reform debacle, the next line of defense is to drive a wedge into the opposition and make compromise impossible and conference committees unsuccessful in finding any consensus.  If all else fails, you move to the castle keep for a final defense; in this case, the final votes of each house and the President’s signature.  At long last, living to fight another day, we can pray we survive and somehow reverse the damage that was done.  This may all sound extremely negative to some, but my point is, there is always hope–something worth fighting for!  In Churchill’s inimitable words, “Never, never, never, never give up!”

For the Christian citizen, the spiritual dimension of this battle is always primary and is met in the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) and with spiritual means (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). Prayer leads the Christian soldier into action–the spiritual world superimposed over the physical world. “God’s truth is marching on.” His sustaining presence is always with His people.

One last ray of hope…who would have thought that Darth Vader, at the last moment, would have turned against the evil emperor and ended up restoring balance to the galaxy?  Perhaps principle is not completely gone after all, and conscience can be cleansed and restored.  May God add his Amen.

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