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October 17, 2013

Republicans blink: Congressional Games Continue

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Congress again kicked the can down the road yesterday rather than face up to our smothering debt and tentacled Obamacare. Eighteen courageous Senators voted nay while the House Republicans ran home with tails-tucked. At least there is a voice of reason, clarity, and hope in the midst of yet another DC debacle – Senator Ted Cruz. Listen to his comments on this another frustrating day in DC politics:

America must be on its knees praying for real leadership during these trying days. Will God not raise up a champion against the Goliaths we face? God knows we need one.


January 24, 2013

Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make?”

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HClinton-what difference does it make(Lady Liberty 1885 – 2013)

November 12, 2012

A Reflection on the Election: America’s “New Society”

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Society in America has changed. Where the foundations of truth and goodness once stood, now is a mixture of pragmatism and pluralistic ethics. Our educational system, once the envy of the world, has abandoned the philosophy of our founding forebears and fully embraced the progressive agenda of its nineteenth and twentieth century reformers. The system has reared several generations in a sociology of growing antagonism toward the traditional family and church, and the propagation of a revisionist, postmodern worldview. Truth has become relative and goodness lost.

The election of 2012 proves the point. In what appears to be a fair and judicious process, the numerical results show a majority of pragmatic voters who do not know their history or the principles upon which America was founded. We voted our pocketbooks over our principles, and our devalued values over the historic, God-honored and time-tested virtues of Biblical morality. We have rejected the timeless truth and exchanged it for the lie of temporary comfort and safety. Our new society has bought into the oldest lie in the book, “Yea, hath God said…?” (Genesis 3:1)

Now, the church is to be the “pillar and ground of truth” (1 Timothy 3:15), its guardian and support. Just as our nation’s chief executive, legislators, and judges are to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution, so the church is to preserve, protect, and defend God’s truth. Goodness and rightness are lost when the truth is compromised. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3) Not much. History and God’s truth tell us that certain judgment is just around the corner.

We believers, who are the church, must remember who we are, we must repent, and must repeat the good works of the past, or God will remove our position as light bearers and leave us in cultural darkness (Revelation 2:5), to be tread upon like savorless salt (Matthew 5:13).

In the long term, our educational system must be recovered and reclaimed to once again teach the truth of the ages. In the short term, we must pray and act; pray fervently without ceasing, and act wisely and decisively without hesitation. The age-old foundations must be repaired and the old paths restored. (Isaiah 58:12; Jeremiah 6:16) If not the church, then whom?

Finney said the church must take “right ground” in politics. I believe he is right on this point:

The Church must take right ground in regard to politics…The time has come that Christians must vote for honest men and take consistent ground in politics…God cannot sustain this free and blessed country which we love and pray for unless the Church will take right ground. Politics are a part of a religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty to the country as a part of their duty to God. It seems sometimes as if the foundations of the nation were becoming rotten, and Christians seem to act as if they thought God did not see what they do in politics. But I tell you, he does see it, and God will bless or curse this nation according to the course they take.

                                     – Charles Finney, from Lecture XV, Lectures on Revivals of Religion

If there is no room for a third party in our current system and no time to change it, then the Republican party must be recovered, repopulated and reorganized before it is too late. Christians must enter the political arena with their message and a method to make America’s “new society” a renewed society.

September 1, 2012

One Powerful Ad!

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Enough said. The Susan B. Anthony List PAC is responsible for this wonderfully effective ad. The organization is also endorsing Todd Akin for Senate.

August 2, 2012

Remember Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

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Remember in Mr Smith Goes to Washington, how the media machine opponents spun the truth about Jeff Smith and his bill? That is EXACTLY what Senate opponent John Brunner is doing to an honest man, Todd Akin. Money moguls like John Brunner are the corrupt ones. I do not want a man like that representing me in the Senate. He knows he is printing lies and innuendo, but he is saying that he is just reprinting some other news report. He has twisted truth into a lie, just like in Mr. Smith.

Would David Barton endorse a crooked politician? No, but he has endorsed, AS A GOOD FRIEND AND COWORKER, Congressman Todd Akin who is running for US Senate.  BIG MONEY IS TRYING TO SQUASH AN HONEST MAN AND HIS CONSERVATIVE REPUTATION. Salesman and millionaire John Brunner will do anything to win, anything…and he will put his money where his mouth is. He has pulled the wool over many Missourians’ eyes.
Does Glenn Beck trust David Barton’s judgment? How about Michele Bachmann’s or Mike Huckabee’s? How about the endorsements of over 100 Missouri pastors and Christian leaders?
“I am honored to endorse Congressman Todd Akin for U.S. Senate. I have known and worked closely with him for many years and he is a strong balanced conservative on both social and economic issues, fighting not only for unborn life and traditional marriage but also to reduce federal spending and reestablish constitutionally limited government. While others are willing to support these values once they come to a vote, Todd was willing to fight to bring these issues to a vote. He is not just a supporter of our constitutional conservative values but he is also a champion for them. We need the principled leadership of Todd Akin in the U. S. Senate.”

July 28, 2012

Real Leadership

Now this is real leadership…leadership for such a time as this. When opponents are out of ideas and things to say about themselves, they resort to personal and professional attacks. It is the publishing of those half-truths-turned-lies that show a genuine LACK of  leadership…a real character deficit–and certainly not U.S. Senate caliber. That is why I support Todd Akin for U.S. Senate from Missouri. He understands our times and knows what to do. He will represent Missouri well and help lead us through this present darkness back into the light. He represents my values and I am glad to unequivocally endorse him and lend my name wholeheartedly as his supporter. On August 7, please vote for Todd Akin for U.S. Senate. He has the full dimension of leadership we need. See for yourself:

July 14, 2012

On Representation: Character is the Issue

When it comes to elections, voters and supporters use various yardsticks in choosing a candidate. Certainly issues, platforms and voting records are important, but one of the more recent and popular means is eyeing the individual campaign coffers. Deep pockets could mean out-advertising your opponents and saturating voters with your message, thus winning a media victory. Many campaign pundits and political junkies “follow the money” in this way, informing their predictions as well as their support. Be advised: Marshall McCluan’s 1960’s platitude, “Media is the message,” and his book, Media is the Massage, (not a typo) characterize this current political landscape perfectly. Massaging “the truth” with sound bites and mischaracterizations sells the uninformed electorate (as well as the politically savvy) a bill of goods. Whatever happened to character?

Instant internet information, sound bites and elevator version mission statements bespeak an electorate that does not take the time to get to know a candidate inside and out–to examine the character and constitution of a proposed public servant. What you see is what you get–be careful, looks can be deceiving. I don’t like what I hear–who are you listening to? Get rid of all incumbents–so the inexperienced can be manipulated by the DC insiders and bureaucrats? There is only one remedy for all this–character.

How do you know a candidate’s character? Be careful, this may get personal. Our culture has gotten so shallow in this area that many community candidate forums now disallow personal questions, and will only take issue-related questions. How sad. Our only public forums do not allow us to really get to know a candidate. Family, business, personal habits, religion, experience, should all be open season for individual and group settings. If a candidate can’t pass the smell test on these values-related issues, then how can I trust them with representing my values in the political arena? It takes time to develop solid character as well as to identify it. That is why homegrown, observed leadership is the best way, and then trusted endorsements and properly interpreted voting records are the next best. Hugo Grotius, 17th century Dutch philosopher and jurist wisely said,

He knows not how to rule a kingdom, that cannot manage a province; nor can he wield a province, that cannot order a city; nor he order a city, that knows not how to regulate a village; nor he a village, that cannot guide a family; nor can that man govern well a family that knows not how to govern himself; neither can any govern himself unless his reason be lord, will and appetite her vassals; nor can reason rule unless herself be ruled by God, and be obedient to Him.

There is no substitute for character–having it or observing it. Selecting representatives of proven character is the best way to insure solid representation. Even if a constituent may disagree with a particular issue, confidence is high in knowing that a reasoned and principled vote was offered by that representative. When character is not the baseline for choosing representatives, then voting records are subject to French revolution-style “mobocracy” (what our founding fathers called democracy)–the whim of the majority–and our historic republican/representative form of government is short-changed, cheapened, and eventually discarded.

By the way, Happy Bastille Day. (Certainly nothing to celebrate in America)

July 8, 2012

What’s the deal about the “debt ceiling?”

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What is the debt ceiling?

In simplest terms, it is a cap on the amount of money the federal government can borrow to pay its bills–a credit limit for bill paying. Raising the debt ceiling does NOT authorize more spending. The spending has already been done. The bill has been paid, but the “bank” has only authorized a certain amount that can be borrowed to cover the bills. Eventually, when we reach the limit, nothing more can be paid. Oops! We have a big problem here.

As political science professor Steven Taylor blogged a year ago (

Here’s the deal:  the spending has already been authorized—the bills are going to come due (bills like, for example, continuing military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya or keeping air traffic controllers in towers and stuff like that).  As such, we have to borrow to keep paying the bills.

If you didn’t pay attention to the above paragraph, please go read it again.

In other words:  raising the debt ceiling does not authorize mores spending–we have already done that.  Borrowing simply allows us to pay for the obligations that have already been made.  Voting on the debt ceiling is not voting on the budget.

This is a fact.  It may well be an ugly fact, but it remains a fact nonetheless.  Not raising the debt ceiling doesn’t make it go away.

Thanks to Prof. Taylor for making it simple. Many, if not most, people do not understand this situation. I know I do not fully understand it, but I think I have a handle on this part. The real problem is not with the debt ceiling but with the budgeting (although it is a symptomatic problem). The USA simply does not live within its means. That’s a leadership problem, not a debt ceiling problem.

Congressional debt ceiling votes have become a very political, as well as fiscal, hot potato. What was once a matter of practicality is now politicized into a campaign issue, albeit, not a very important one. Just like earmarks has become a dirty word, so debt ceiling has entered into those tabu ranks of the uninformed and “mad as h*** and I’m not gonna take it anymore” crowd. To all of those, do me a favor and just calm down and listen up. You are being manipulated when you need to be educated. Yes, we have such terrible fiscal issues that blow the minds of the economists and sometimes pad the pockets of politicians and their pet project managers, but we cannot let our judgment be impaired with the inflammatory rhetoric about them. (There is a difference between the legitimate constitutional earmarking process and the illegitimate “pork barrel spending” that happens, but that’s another subject.) There would be no need for credit limit (debt ceiling) increases if we balanced our budget!! Let’s don’t buy into another political “red herring,” if we had a balanced budget, debt ceilings would be a non-issue.

Know the truth and you will be set free to see the political mudslinging for what it is: cheap rhetoric that plays on people’s emotions, and election year hype to cover up the “slinger’s” lack of character, integrity, and qualifications. Feel free to apply this to any campaign you like. I’ll apply it to the Missouri campaign for U.S. Senate.

July 2, 2012

Calling on Akin to take the high ground and leave the low ground to Brunner

Just got today’s mail…I tried to count to 10, but just got to 9 before I clicked “Post!”

I CONDEMN John Brunner for his negative attack ads and his misrepresentation and spinning of the facts.

Mr. Brunner, you cannot purchase this election with all your slick mailings and commercials. For being a self-proclaimed outsider and “citizen-senator,” you are cherry picking facts just like “career politicians” do. I don’t think you will find either Akin or Steelman doing what you have done. The truth will prevail, your support will evaporate, and your high-paid political promoters will be the only beneficiaries of your self-funded campaign. God forgive me if I am being harsh, but I have had enough of it. Truth can be stretched into lies and I think you have crossed over that line.

This has been airing the last couple of weeks. Combined with the mailing I received today, I have just one thing to say, “Shame on you John Brunner for misrepresenting the truth:”

Now here is a class act:

I call on Congressman Akin to rebut Brunner’s mischaracterizations with the truth of the matter, and do it in an appropriate way.

June 30, 2012

Jury still out on Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling

Blessing in disguise? Maybe. Chief Justice John Roberts has been severely criticized by much of the right for breaking ranks with his conservative colleagues on the high court. He may be smarter than they think. His vote tipped the decision to declare Obamacare premiums a “tax” rather than a commercial payment. That is a major game changer for the politics of this legislative behemoth. Listen to a sensible Marco Rubio on the video below, speaking just after the SCOTUS ruling, then read the two article links that follow. I think we are in for quite a roller coaster ride, and just maybe, the condemning right may be thanking Roberts for doing our side a favor. It’s just a matter of time before that verdict is in.

“Why Chief Justice Roberts Made the Right Long-Term Decision with Obamacare” from The Independent Journal Review

“The Chief Justice Done Good” from The American Thinker

June 17, 2012

Obama’s Immigration Policy: Separation of Powers and the Rule of Law

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In his immigration policy statement Friday, President Barack Obama told reporters that current immigration laws would not be enforced in order to make them “more fair” and “more just.” Our chief executive has not only chosen  nonenforcement of current law but also usurpation of the role of the legislative and judicial branches of our government. Here are his statements:

“This morning, Secretary Napolitano announced new actions my administration will take to mend our nation’s immigration policy, to make it more fair, more efficient and more just…reform that continues to improve our border security and lives up to our heritage as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants..We have always drawn strength from being a nation of immigrants, as well as a nation of laws. And that’s going to continue. And my hope is that Congress recognizes that and get behind — gets behind this effort.”

Our U.S. Constitution and the rule of law have again been undermined by the highest office in the land. I am aghast that he has placed American immigration policy on an equal level with America’s consummate rule of law. Being “a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws” do not equate. Obama has become judge, jury, and executioner…again. (Remember DOMA?)

This desperate move not only upsets our two most cherished governmental restraints, but also panders to perhaps the single largest voting block, Latinos, just months before an election. Just one year ago, Obama said he could not do what he just did. He had categorically stated that comprehensive immigration reform was the only answer. There are many immigration reform bills in Congress now, one or two that are progressing through the legislative process (Rubio). A mockery has been made of the rule of law as well as the separation of powers.

Congress must respond to this unconstitutional act. Enough is enough.

April 24, 2012


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You know the old adage: Politics makes strange bedfellows. Well, here’s a great example. I attended both St. Charles County caucuses and Monday night I attended a US Senate candidate forum in Historic St. Charles. You won’t believe who’s joined forces now–the rowdy Ron Paul supporters (very recognizable from the caucuses) and John Brunner. It’s deja vu all over again, as Yogi says. So, has John Brunner turned to the libertarian side? Or has he bought the Paul supporters and volunteers? Or is this the new MO Paul-crowd strategy to defeat Congressman Akin? They were a bit more “respectable” at the Monday night forum, though. But their questions seemed to be more anti-Akin than pro-Brunner. Mr. Brunner is a shrewd businessman, and after his inflammatory rhetoric last night, it appears he is moving on the offensive and will do anything to win. It must be the aggressive businessman in him. I have some advice for John Brunner. Watch out with whom you ally.  And advise for the Congressman? You have a consistent conservative record to stand on. You don’t get the kind of endorsements and ratings you have by doing nothing, as your opponent charges. There are many informed voters out there who see the truth and have not drunk the koolaid offered by some campaign organizers. Caveat emptor—let the buyer beware and let the informed voter decide.


April 16, 2012

HB 1719 – Misunderstanding and Misrepresenting the Constitution

I just emailed my state rep and all the committee members voting for this ridiculous bill:

“I am vehemently opposed to the National Popular Vote and to this bill, HB 1719, before you. Our founding fathers devised the Electoral College to move away from a popular vote, keep it representational, and reflect the broader view of voters allowing for a fairer representation of states. And now you want to change all that in the name of “updating” and reforming the system. It is high time we RETURN to the genius of our original Constitutional plan and do some electoral education rather than reformation. Please, please, please do NOT bring this to a vote. We need the electoral college to preserve some voting sense from a basically uninformed electorate. Could it be that the populace does not understand it because our representatives do not understand it? I am sorry if this sounds harsh but it is time for us to wake up and stand up for what is right, not what is just popular and expedient.”

If you are interested in writing them, here are their email addresses:,,,,,,,,,

February 8, 2012

Some Good News! Santorum Sweep!

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Santorum sweep! I have seen and heard him twice now (Columbia and St. Charles) and his sincerity and conviction are compelling. He’s the real deal. I see a “David and Goliath” moment on the horizon.

February 4, 2012

Who can beat Obama?

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History may hold the key. Looking backward starting with the most recent past elections, Republicans chose the old warhorse, John McCain to lose to newcomer Barack Obama. Democrats brought in Senate warhorse John Kerry to lose to incumbent outsider George Bush-2. Democratic warhorse and VP Al Gore lost to outsider George Bush. Republican warhorse Bob Dole was left in the dust of a wounded but popular Bill Clinton. Four years previous, old warhorse George Bush-1 succumbed to young and personable Bill Clinton.  Here is the exception: Old warhorse VP Bush-1, tied to his immensely popular predecessor, Ronald Reagan, stomped Gov. Michael Dukakis (and his VP dinosaur Lloyd Benson), probably on the coattails of the emerging Reagan legacy. Conservative crusader/Washington outsider Ronald Reagan stomped the unpopular Jimmy Carter, an outsider one-term president. Even though Reagan holds the distinct honor as the oldest inaugurated President in history, and perhaps deserves a descriptive like “old warhorse,” his strength and vigor and populist appeal eclipsed his opponents. Reagan became the authentic American warhorse.

Now let’s look at today’s contest. Do we really think that bringing in historical warhorses Romney or Gingrich will stand up to the pending onslaught? Does history teach us anything? Maybe Romney is the consummate executive and Gingrich the consummate politician, but are they the right matchup for the battle? I think not. I believe Rick Santorum is that man. I cannot help but compare the currently popular movie, Warhorse, to the epic and lengthy struggle going on in the Republican party now. There is a scene where all the old warhorses, worn out unto death from the uphill pull of massive artillery, are consigned to their mass graves—that is, all except one young warhorse who has the strength and resolve (although not the same bred stature) to survive the day and make us all proud. I believe in the young and virtuous warhorse, Rick Santorum. The experts say he cannot win, but I am not so sure. He possesses the inner strength and character not unlike the equine protagonist. Protecting families, freedom and faith are the core values of the Santorum campaign. He champions them all. Although economics is the dominating election issue, it is a short sighted view of the American horizon. If we bail out the economy without the protection of family and freedoms in mind, what have we accomplished? Priorities of faith, family, and freedom will help guide us through the minefield and barbed wire of economic expediency. I believe in Rick Santorum and his message. I believe he can beat Obama, guide us through the economic turmoil, and help reverse the downward spiral of our culture.

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