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March 29, 2011

Libya–Shooting Ourselves in the Foot?

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Remember how we armed Al Qaeda during the first Afghanistan war? Are we doing it again? As “the populace” erupts all over the Middle East and its neighbors–Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Syria, and others–the question must be asked, “Who are these demonstrators and where are their sympathies?” In Egypt, the once banned Muslim Brotherhood are now major players in negotiations with the military. Nobody likes a dictator, but there are worse things. There are reports coming out of Libya that Al Qaeda members back from Afghanistan are part of the dissidents and are stocking up on weapons abandoned by Libyan forces–abandoned due to U.S. military intervention. We are talking RPG’s and other weapons that could be used against us. What are we doing? We hear about the revolt of “the people.” Who are these people?? As much as I would love to believe that the people want democratic reform, I am more concerned that a more determined group would press for an extremist Islamic regime, further stoking the instability of the Middle East. What is more humanitarian–a government under extreme Sharia law or a dictator trying to keep it out. I think the Libyan freedom fighters fresh from Afghanistan are laser-guiding fire back to the foot of American forces trying to kick out Gaddafi and his thugs. And this is serving America’s interests? I don’t think so.


March 16, 2011

The Sexualization of America and the World

After giving some thought to my recent trip to the U.N. with a contingent of the St. Louis Teen Eagles, I wanted to make a few comments regarding the coarsening of our society on its trek to becoming more like its disintegrating European counterpart. The socialization (vis-à-vis sexualization) of Europe is not only well documented but also well promoted not only in the European Union (EU) but also in the United Nations. The Obama administration’s delegation, in lock step with the EU, has led the battle charge against traditional Christian values which uphold the sanctity of life and family. America’s largest and most influential education union, the National Education Association (NEA) graphically declared that sex and sexuality education are needed worldwide in preschool through college to solve the world’s population and gender stereotyping ills. (Of course, the new definition of gender expands the traditional view of male and female to at least six genders…adding LGBT orientations.) Smaller aid-dependent countries decried the harassment of their funder nations regarding the push for all of these changes. Many pro-abortion, anti-traditional family NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) plus many U.N. agencies like the UNFPA, regularly and forcefully encourage these intimidating changes while countering, blocking, and even shouting down alternative views. There were at least two occasions when our Teen Eagle team made early exits from conferences because of objectionable material being presented. What a statement was made as we left those venues! Parents, not culture or government, are responsible for their children’s education. They inculcate values and morés. Certainly communities and cultures reflect the values promoted by families, which has sorrowfully become an indictment on the family in our nation and our world. We need a revival of the spirit of family as well as a personal renewal of the spiritual values that have made America the exceptional nation that it is. America does not need to follow Europe… they are heading the wrong direction! European-style socialism is not working culturally, economically, or spiritually. America must STOP and remember from whence it came. America must repent of falling short of God’s standard, and then repeat its former works and retake its former stand and position as a light to the nations–a city set upon a hill.

March 10, 2011

United Nations – Teen Eagles Making a Difference

Thanks for your prayers. After a rocky start with cancelled and delayed flights, we had a safe trip in every way and were able to help the pro-life coalition stem the tide of the pro-abortion and anti-family forces. Previously controlling documents were left virtually intact without more ambiguous terminology and fewer references to “reproductive services” and similar language, plus the blocking of wording like “sexuality education, and personal services.” The pro-life coalition was encouraged by the presence of the Teen Eagles, and we had several immediate answers to prayer regarding action on the floor of the CSW conference hall. Students not only ministered to coalition members, but also handed out pro-life and pro-family literature, lobbied delegates from around the world, met national ministry leaders, and listened to international delegates debate family and women’s issues. All-in-all, a successful trip–God was glorified, and our late nights and early mornings paid off. (We stayed in the UN on Thursday night until 2:30 AM.)

St. Louis Teen Eagles is a group of politically active teens with a heart to restore the Constitutional and Christian heritage of our nation. This was their seventh trip to the U.N. to assist the pro-life/pro-family coalition in promoting traditional family values in international policy documents. Some of these documents become treaties while others become the basis for what some call “international customary law” which can be cited as court precedents. Also, poorer member countries, usually conservative on moral issues, are typically bullied into silence by larger countries, coalitions, and NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) that provide their financial aid. America’s presidential administration determines policy and priorities of the U.S. Ambassador and delegations to the U.N. The current administration is aggressively advancing the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda. Again, thanks for your prayers and support.

March 16, 2010

USA at the UN

When I was at the UN last week, several in our delegation heard Sec. of State Hillary Clinton speak to the entire Conference on the Status of Women (CSW). As you may know, we were there lobbying with a pro-life, pro-family message.  If you do not already know or suspect, the policy of the current US administration is pro-abortion as well as very weak on traditional family values and structure.  We saw firsthand at the UN how the USA is leading the charge for reproductive rights and other controversial issues.  This makes it very difficult for small, undeveloped and developing nations that have taken a stand for traditional family and life issues.  They can be pressured in many ways by nations of means to be supportive or silent to the anti-life/anti-family agenda. In the UN consensus process, silence is consent. So that you will not think that this is conservative spin on this situation, I have linked a Youtube video of Sec. Clinton testifying before a Congressional committee  last year on this administration’s foreign policy objectives regarding these issues. This administrative policy extends to the work of the US delegation to the UN. In the video, the simple answer to Congressman Smith’s question to Sec. Clinton is “yes, yes, yes” without any reservation or apology. It is this kind of hubris, resolve, and aggressive tactics that characterize the opposition. Judge for yourself:

God help us.  He is the only One who can confound the counsel of the enemy. (Isa. 19:2,3)  Pray for the pro-life/pro-family coalition that battles these issues in the UN conferences, treaty formations, and personal work with delegations. Their work goes on throughout the year, behind the scenes, unnoticed, quietly, but intensely.

March 15, 2010

U.N. …there you go again

Nothing much has changed. The radical feminists are still running rampant and attempting to dominate influence over national delegations–and they are as frustrated as ever with pro-life and pro-family groups.  The United Nations’ Conference on the Status of Women (CSW) is no different. All non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) seek to influence (lobby) delegations representing the nations of the world. Conservative NGO’s are outnumbered probably 3 or 4 to 1, yet even a little light can still dispel the darkness. Approved documents were not a conservative as we may like, but neither are they as liberal as the opposition intended them to be. Darkness cannot overcome even the dimmest of light. What if the light was not present?

People often ask why we might spend our time, resources and energy at a morally/ethically corrupt and philosophically flawed place like the United Nations. Is not the whole organization and process an exercise in futility and globalist propagandizing?  Well, that may be so from an American point of view, but one would be hard pressed to convince the smallest and frailest of nations of what may appear obvious to us. Little nations have one vote, just as big nations do.  Many small nations have experienced more freedom and equality since the U.N. has been around.  They are grateful for being recognized and brought to the table. However, with that recognition comes a greater risk of manipulation and intimidation. There were in excess of 6,000 attending the CSW. One might be surprised at the number of Christian delegates attending a conference like this; this is more likely true of the more colorful nations attending rather than the white, European ones that dominate the power structure. All in all, it only takes a tiny spark of encouragement to ignite the smallest of opposition that can block a railroad of anti-life/anti-family momentum. That is what happens at these conferences.

The Lord tells His disciples to occupy until He returns.  It is this type of ministry that shakes just enough salt to restrain corruption and shines just enough light to dispel the darkness. One could ask the Apostle Paul why he would “waste his time and resources” on the city of Corinth.  How many other places have the nations of the world converge in one place? It is a golden opportunity to share a message and virally influence the nations of the world.  A little well-placed salt and light can make a world of difference.

March 5, 2010

U.N. here we come…again

This will be my fifth trip in four years to the United Nations as we attend the Conference on the Status of Women (CSW). We will be lobbying with the International Right to Life Federation alongside several other effective pro-life and pro-family groups. There is a move this year to consolidate all the various U.N. women’s rights entities into one large U.N. agency, assuming  greater power, clout and influence.  My heart certainly goes out to women and children in countries where their basic human rights are violated because of gender discrimination, but there are some radical feminists who would take advantage of these issues to press their own radical agenda. They would like to redefine family and even redefine gender into broader terms than the way they are traditionally understood. Would you believe six genders plus their inclusiveness in the design of family!  Reproductive rights and reproductive health services, gender equality and discrimination take on new meanings when the radical left has its way.  If this is not disturbing enough, the United States delegation is leading the leftist charge under the leadership of White House appointments.  Our Executive branch exerts far reaching influence in ways unknown to rank and file American citizens. Our American elections affect the peoples of nations great and small all around the globe.

So, we go to the United Nations to make a difference–to bear witness to the truth and to encourage international delegations to stand strong against radical forces that would lead us down the path of moral and social decline.  Although I am not a fan of the United Nations and its multi-leveled corruption and globalistic goals, it is a place where salt and light is desperately needed.  It is a dark and morally bankrupt place.  Please pray for us.

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